Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Im so tired.

my body is drained
my mind is overworked
my eyes are exhausted
my legs refuse to work
my back is plotting to kill me
my feet hate me
my stomach is so pissed it keeps inflating
my ears stop working
my lungs are saying fuck you
my life is too stressful
my day is too busy
my night isn't long enough
my time with you is short
my hopes are shallow
my dreams are distant
my positive attitude is dead
my patience ran away
my weeks are meshed together
my future is too far away
my money keeps disappearing
my soul got stabbed
my face got ripped off
my happiness got shot
my exhaustion loves me
my stress is my best friend
my anxiety is slap happy
my lips are chapped. fucking chapped
my fridge is almost dusty inside
my house is empty
my imagination is retarded
my blog is annoying
my finger nails are cut too short
my job is a waste of time
my barbies are sluts
my paperclips fell on the floor
my homework is definitely not done
my time is used poorly
my post is done.

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