Friday, March 18, 2011

Going to far?

I just saw a commercial for baby wipes and diapers that are "proven" to be mild for the softest of skin. And we're constantly spraying chemicals on our counters and stoves to kill germs. And there are health codes saying you have to wear shoes in a restaurant and don't you dare walk in that bathroom barefoot. This is what I think. Before people used soap and water to wash there counters, before soap they used water, before when people didn't have water in the house, they didn't wash the counters. They used cloth diaper and used wet wash rags for wipes. People went everywhere barefoot, ate food that fell in the dirt, they didn't have health codes, or shower every day. And yea, the death rate was higher then, but a lot of people survived. I think that people of this day and age are waaaay too concerned with being healthy. If you constantly use hand sanitizer and spray everything with lysol, the second a germ gets into your body, you'll get sick. Get dirty, skip a day in the shower, go barefoot. You won't die.

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